Inglot Studio, Chelsea Market NYC

One of my all time favorite places in New York is Chelsea Market. The Future Husband has an office right down the street, so I love strolling down to pick up a Macchiato from Ninth Street Espresso, or a crepe from Bar Suzette. Well, the game has changed my friends, no longer is Chelsea Market just a foodie heaven, Inglot Cosmetics is now at Chelsea Market. On the fifth floor to be exact. And it’s heaven. A beauty lover’s heaven.


Inglot Cosmetics only has 7 locations in the United States, two of which are in New York. The other Inglot is in Times Square. If any of you have tried shopping, eating, or just plain walking in Times Square, you know it can be a ridiculous pain. I don’t use the word throngs often, but throngs of people, mostly tourists, are all over Times Square. I don’t particularly enjoy these “asses to elbows” experiences.


my palette!

Back to Inglot Studio. In one section of the space, there is an area for photo shoots, which adds a very editorial feel to the already chic studio space. Glossed wood floors, huge windows and high ceilings gives off a decidedly New York vibe. Lucky for me, I was the only person in the studio, so I was able to browse to my heart’s content. I decided on their Freedom System Palette 20 round, and chose 2 concealers, 3 lip colors and 15 eye shadows. If you are not familiar with the Freedom System Palettes, they are magnetic, professional grade and customizable by YOU! I absolutely am obsessed with this concept, especially since you can make your own face, eyes, lip or cheek palette. I was told the round palettes were the most versatile since you could select lip, face and and eye all in one palette. The shopping experience was so unique and special; I was provided with a magnetic square to select and arrange all of my color selections. Then, Andrew, the Inglot Artist, went to pull all of the colors I selected and built my palette. They give you the option of placing all of your colors in the palette yourself or they can do it for you.


My goal was to get an “everyday” palette constructed with neutral colors. I also purchased a touch up pressed powder and a travel brush set. It has to be said, that Inglot offers amazing value for high quality products. The 20 palette was $85! My grand total was $147 AND I got to select complimentary pigments from their amazing “Mixing Station”.


The Mixing Station is unique to Inglot Studio Chelsea Market and is a new concept for Inglot retail locations. Inglot has a wide array of pigments that you can literally mix and match to blend your own custom colors. And when I use the word pigment, I mean serious pigment. Real serious. They had the most amazing blue that literally looked like ink. Andrew, the Inglot associate that was assisting me, gave a sage piece of advice to use a base color under the blue, otherwise my eyes would be stained. I got a few particles of the blue on my hands, and I literally had to wash them four times to remove all traces of the inky blue pigment!


If you are in the area, I highly recommend you checking out Inglot Studio. My first impressions of the brand are very positive, due to the intense quality of pigment among all the products that I purchased and the convenience of the Freedom System. I will be posting more detailed reviews after a few weeks of use. You can also order online at:


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  1. Kazmainan Devil

    I sooooo wish that i lived there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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